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CNPP Certification

Newsletter environment protection

Infromation sheet for the handling of substances endangering a body of water concerning the VAR collection tray systems!

Our drinking water is precious!

Already few drops of oil, acid or base can contaminate thousands litres of ground water. The protection of our waters is urgently necessary and also regulated by law.
Many German laws and orders prescribe in the operational practise that the containers in which ignitable or not ignitable liquids hazardous to water are stored must be protected by suitable collecting trays against leakage.

Contents  of the document pdf.:

- what are the most important laws and orders?
- what does the water household law (WHG) mean?
- how are materials hazardous to water divided?
- requirement of a collecting tray!
- what is the difference between qualitfication approval and type examination?
- what is a qualified company?
- what is a supervision contract?
- what is hidden behind the German DIN standard 8563?
- what does the German DIN standard 6601 mean?

Information for surface protection

Information sheet from VAR company - waste collectors for the different kinds and procedures of surface protection!


A high standard in quality and a longvity of our products is one of our primary duties. The fulfilment of these both standards appears in the long lasting loyality of our customers. Over and above this, the high qualified level is underlined by the certification to German DIN standard 9001!

Which kinds and procedures do we differentiate concerning the surface protection?

1.) galvanisation according to German DIN standard 50976!
2.) electrogalvanising (electrolytic galvanisation)!
3.) powder coating!